Members of the First Christian Church are a cross-section of the community: Here people of every background and theology gather to worship. Members are bound together in fellowship and service by belief in the central theme of New Testament believers . . . "that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Savior of mankind." On all other matters, the church recognizes the right of its members to freedom of opinion. Therefore, we readily welcome people from all denominations regardless of previous affiliation of present doctrinal convictions.

The basic thinking of our church might be summarized as follows:
  1. JESUS CHRIST IS OUR CREED. Our central convictions the point of creeds or theological statements is reflected in the simple but profound profession by Peter noted in Matthew 16:13-19:"You are the Christ, the Son of the Living God."

  2. THE WORD OF GOD IS OUR AUTHORITY. We believe that the New Testament, particularly the life and teachings of Jesus, and His Apostles, forms the basis of our Christian thought and action.

  3. WE ENCOURAGE CHRISTIANS TO INCREASINGLY REALIZE THEIR ONENESS IN CHRIST. We believe that the church, the body of Christ, is a holy fellowship through which God seeks to work His will in every age. It includes all who place their faith in Him and in His Son, Jesus Christ.

  4. WE RECOGNIZE THE LIBERTY OF ALL CHRISTIANS IN CHRIST. If we disagree, we do so agreeably. We have long preached, "In faith, unity; in opinions, liberty; in all things, brotherly love."

  5. WE OBSERVE TWO ORDINANCES: BAPTISM AND THE LORD'S SUPPER. We practice baptism by immersion, a New Testament practice recognized as the most adequate symbol of complete surrender and the Biblical ideal of death, resurrection to new life. We observe the Lord's Supper every Sunday and welcome all Christians from all denominations to participate.

Because of the freedom of thought and opinion in First Christian Church, many people of varying shades of religious thought find a home within our membership. Many couples from differing church backgrounds have united their home by membership in First Christian Church because it allows them to begin their own personal faith together around the one central idea of faith in Jesus Christ.

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