Intensive Prayer Concerns

The following list is made up of individuals who have specifically requested prayer.
Please remember them in your own seasons of prayer.

Continuing Needs:
In your daily prayer time, please remember those named in our bulletin each week. We have many who are in need of your prayers. Intensive and continuing needs include: John Brodman, Rose Desbin, Hank Maddox, and Dale and Karen Neustel (Wendy Tong’s parents). Please remember their families also.

Elaine Batdorff, Betty Bowman, Gail Correll, Diane Latona, Norma Skidmore and Evelyn Wellman. Please remember their families also.

On Active Duty:
Gwen Gunter,Spencer Maddox, Danielle Meyer, Marcus Plikerd, Jason Scott

"Are you aware of a blessing or challenge that we need to pray about? If so, call the prayer chain at 419-447-3731 or email your prayer requests to Caring members of our church family will throughout the day pray for you and yours."

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