First Christian Church, Disciples of Christ in Tiffin, Ohio.
Church History 1890-Present


First Christian Church began holding services March 10, 1890, in the large room above the Schwable Hardware Store at 61 South Washington Street. The church was incorporated under the laws of Ohio March 16 and 17, 1891.

In June of 1892, the church bought property at 152 East Market Street and on July 8, 1895,the corner stone was laid for the church building built there. The church building was dedicated in May of 1896.

The congregation held services at the 152 East Market Street church building from 1896 through November 1991.

In April of 1978, a committee was appointed to study the needs of the congregation.

At the congregational meeting in January of 1979, it was announced that a planning committee to raise funds for a building fund would be appointed.

In April of 1979, the Congregation voted to look for new property for a new building.

In December of 1979, the Church Board voted to recommend the purchase of the property at 2016 South County Road 19 and the purchase was approved by the congregation. The purchase was made and pastor Alonzo and Margaret Wise moved from 149 Clinton Avenue to the new parsonage sometime between Christmas 1979 and the first week of January 1980.

At that time the property had a house, a garage, and a horse barn. There was a woods beside the house.

In March 1981, a Building Committee was appointed to study architectural designs. In November 1984, the Building Committee recommended to the Church Board that we hire the Architect.

In September 1985, the Building Committee presented the plans the Architect prepared to the Church Board. The plans were passed by the Church Board and then by the Congregation.

The members worked hard to clear the land, tear down the horse barn, have the garage moved away and prepare for the new building.

In September 1990, the church purchased additional land which is now our woods beside the church building.

In December 1990, the Church Board voted for the Building Committee to go out for bids for the new building.

In March 1991, a special congregational meeting was held. The bids from the Building Committee were presented to the congregation. The congregation voted to accept the recommended bids.

The Ground Breaking Ceremony was held in April 1991 and construction began. The construction of the building was completed and then the Dedication Service of the new building was held December 1, 1991.

The last service was held in the church building at 152 East Market Street on November 24, 1991.

On November 8, 1991, the church building at 152 East Market Street was sold to the Tiffin School System.

We have worshipped in our new church building at 2016 South County Road 19 since December 1, 1991.

Since that time we have finished the basement so we can use it for class rooms and dinners.

We built a picnic shelter in the woods for our members and friends to use and enjoy. Our Christian Women's Fellowship donated funds for us to build picnic tables for the shelter.

We built a play ground for our children to use.

We continue to plan and improve our church and the church grounds so the members and friends of our congregation will be able to use it for years to come.

Thank you to Joe Wise & family for compiling this information.


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